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Performance Management Maturity Assessment


Evaluate the Performance Management model of your organization across key domains to evaluate the how effectively visibility is organized and how efficiently issues and incidents are managed.
Evaluate tools used to monitor performance and availability of applications, servers, infrastructure and network. Effectiveness at which the tools are configured to provide necessary KPIs that can be easily consumed by Support Team to take necessary actions.
Process efficiency to ensure visibility is up to date as application landscape dynamically change.
People and skillset necessary to interpret the data, provide actionable results to ensure same issues are not repeated
Elitech organizes an auditing workshop with key stakeholders to get detailed understanding of the above domains, collects data, consolidates findings and publishes report with presentation to key IT management to share findings and provide recommendations to address gaps.

Performance Management Capacity Planning

Organizations often expand business by extending physical presence in terms of office and branches or added business products, features and functionality. Many of these changes may appear business as usual, but can significantly impact performance when they are rolled out. Elitech works with organization to perform pre-production capacity planning to ensure resourcing in terms of application behavior, server capacity, network and infrastructure are correctly configured before going live.

Performance Management Implementation Service

With Performance Monitoring best practices, Elitech first thoroughly understand the landscape that requires visibility. Next step would be coming up with the monitoring methodology, identify the key aspects that require monitoring and then deploy monitoring tools and setup necessary visibility into applications, network, infrastructure and users.
Setup necessary alerts and dashboards based on KPIs and enable teams to have domain specific and integrated real time visibility; so that corrective actions can be taken before / when issues arise.

Performance Management Diagnostic Service


Organizations may face challenges identifying root cause of issues when there are complains relating to performance / stability of applications and high number of incidents impacting business.
Elitech engages in such situation to understand the pain points, structure monitoring into the environment, collect deep-dive diagnostic metrics and perform root cause analysis – the data that can be used to perform necessary remediations. A detailed report with findings and recommendations is published to the key stakeholders.

Performance Management Resident Service

Resident service is an extension and integration of all the services and expertise Elitech provides; Specialist available full-time or on demand. Through this service, we completely integrate with your organization and cross-domain teams, continually work towards keeping up the performance management visibility of all the applications, ensuring faster RCA and incident reduction over time.


To know more about these services, please reach out to us on Queries and we will be happy to arrange a meeting

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